Hello everyone.  It’s been a couple of months since we announced the incoming closure of the Katbox as a web host.  We’ve been very busy on our end, mostly with life and work but also with trying to help our friends find new homes for their works.  As promised, the remaining Katbox funds are being employed to helping these new spaces start up and the results are promising.

Kemono Cafe

Here you can find Las Lindas, The Eye, Addictive Science, Rascals, and all of Nekonny’s comics.


Here you’ll be able to find Uber Quest, Mousechevious, The Eye, Draconia Chronicles, and Eorah.


Yosh! and Artificial Incident are at their own URLs.



 You can find Debunkers here.

 You can find Desert Fox here.

You can find DMFA here.

Kadath’s Olivia comic is being uploaded over at Furaffinity (18+)




We’ll keep you updated when new homes are found for the remaining Katbox artists. Thank you for your continued support!